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How Bioware can rescue Mass Effect

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So the ending of Mass Effect 3 could be possibly be the worst ending to a game franchise in history. If things are exactly as they seem then the ending sucks balls.

Alternatively it could be one of the greatest misdirections in gaming history, a plot twist so dramatic and colossal that it will be talked of in gaming circles for decades to come. To what do I refer? Let me present the indoctrination theory...

The indoctrination theory states that the ending of the game could actually not be real. The Reapers have the ability to indoctrinate others to do their bidding a form of brainwashing that can effect even the strongest willed people. Adherents to the indoctrination theory point out a few inconsistencies that appear at throughout the game and other supporting evidence from outside the game.

1) The child: There is a child who haunts Shepard's nightmares. This child appears at the start of game 3 and is the form that the Catalyst takes at the end. Crucially however, said child is only acknowledged by Shepard. What if this child actually represents the indoctrination of Shepard?

2) Normandy in Hyperspace: As I said before, why? There is no reason for this to happen. It makes no sense. More curiously the two characters who emerge after the crash are always Joker and AN Other squad mate. This squad mate could be one that was 2 feet behind you in the rush to the beam. Lazy storytelling or something more significant?

3) The mysterious missing armour: Why does your armour disappear? Again this makes no sense.

4) The Citadel: The Citadel looks nothing like the Citadel we have seen before it seems more like... Well a dream...

5) Anderson and the Illusive Man: Both of these guys appear on the Citadel. Convenient much? This is too weird to be a coincidence. We already know that the Illusive Man is indoctrinated so what if this was also Anderson's indoctrination?

6) Bioware tweets: Tweets from Bioware seem to indicate there is more going on than meets the eye. This one in particular is extremely interesting:

"Mike Gamble already said on his twitter, if the fans knew what was in store, the reaction would be different." 


Other tweets support that there is something up and suggest keeping your save games. Hmmm indeed...

7) That cryptic Martin Sheen comment:  At the end of the Mass Effect 3 trailer Martin Sheen says the following:

“Stay Tuned. I aint done yet”

Perhaps this is not the end of the Illusive Man?

So according to the indoctrination theory everything after the beam is an attempt at indoctrination. Here's my wild mass guessing theory for you:

No-one reached the Citadel and the entire attack squad (bar Shepard) died in the assault. The reason that it did not succeed was basically because Anderson had been indoctrinated before Shepard got to Earth. This was why the Reapers knew to take the Citadel to Earth. But why did they do this? Answer. To force Shepard's hand because he is the only one the Reapers truly fear.

Your choice on the Citadel actually represents one of three possibilities. If you choose Control you submit to the indoctrination and the Reapers have won. If you choose Synthesis the Reapers are more concerned about you and decide to declare a peace of sorts with you as their Locutus of Borg type character. Destroy of course means that you reject the indoctrination.

From that point onwards the battle against the Reapers continues but with the Reapers winning and having indoctrinated most through the machinations of Anderson and the Illusive Man. Now all you have left is a few rebels trying to strike back at the Reapers led by a new character and therein we have the start of ME4. 

Now a few days ago I thought this may be the case but as I have followed this story I am beginning to doubt this will happen. I am more and more convinced that Bioware just fluffed the ending which is a sad state of affairs. I am however encouraged by the fact that Bioware are offering more closure and I will watch this space with interest.

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